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Brief History

Sometime before their eighth birthday, Eva gave Dante and Vergil each a half of the Perfect Amulet. Eventually, Sparda died, and Eva and the twins were left alone. When Dante was eight years old, he and his family were attacked by demons. Eva was killed, and though both Vergil and Dante survived, the twins were separated, and Dante believed Vergil to have died. At some point after this, Dante met Enzo and began a demon-hunting business under the alias Anthony "Tony" Redgrave.

Weapons, Powers and Abilites

Dante's trademark weapons are the Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory. They are his babies, touch them and you will die. Slowly. He has also used a shotgun on various occasions. Though he's collected a crap ton of weaponry, he keeps most of it, along with trophies displayed within his office.

Dante is an extremely adept combatant. He is incredibly proficient with any type of weapon, displaying near-mastery of them within moments of picking them up. He is also quite skilled in unarmed combat, managing to disarm and subdue Nero bare-handed in their second fight; his hand-to-hand combat skills are also displayed by his usage of gauntlet-style Devil Arms.

Dante's skill with firearms is impeccable. He has displayed enough accuracy to hit targets as small as the pommel of his sword; shoot his opponents' bullets out of mid-air; and hit the same target over and over with such unerring precision that his bullets stack on top of each other. Dante is also shown to have incredible hand-eye coordination; for example, he kicks the Neo-Generator into the statue above the bridge approximately 20 feet away from where he stands and kicks the seed of Echidna the She-Viper back at her to get her attention.

Dante is blindingly fast, able to dash a short distance to dodge attacks, dodge bullets fired at close-range, and move so fast that he appears to teleport. He is extremely agile as well; able to jump to great heights or even balance himself on a flying rocket, as well as run up vertical walls. In addition, his agility allows him to perform amazing feats of acrobatics that easily surpass even the finest human acrobat.

He is able to channel his power into various physical objects, ranging from his guns to the air itself. Dante can also hold his breath indefinitely, or perhaps even breathe underwater, as he can remain submerged for extended periods of time without taking damage or needing to surface for air. Additionally, Dante possesses great resistance to heat, as shown when he casually sat on the flaming tail of Berial and came out with little more than a burnt coat.

Dante can instantly heal from nearly any wound; even the Hell Prides were surprised when he ignored their attacks. Dante's durability has been shown to allow him to simply shrug off wounds that would either disable or outright kill a normal Human, such as being impaled through the chest with his own sword , struck by opponents with superhuman strength (such as when he showed no discomfort when Nero repeatedly punched him in the face with Devil Bringer), or being shot point-blank in the head and stomach.

Dante rarely shows himself to struggle in battle and wins most of his fights with such ease it's af if he was merely toying with his opponent, however his brother Vergil did defeat him once, then again as Nelo Angelo. Nero apparently defeated him but Dante admitted the battle only ended the way it did because he underestimated Nero. In their second fight Dante soundly defeated Nero and made the latter realize he was being toyed with from the beginning.

It is implied that Dante's strength is not just due to his father, but also from his will to protect others. It is suggested that any Demon who possesses the will to protect and love others rather than to simply destroy will gain the full might of their demonic power.

Yes, basically he is a BAMF, due to his inherited strength and demonic lineage. But he will still maintain he is an 'old man' and does actually tire from extensive battle. He just:

A. pretends he doesn't.
B. Exaggerates his exhaustion for shits and giggles.


Dante isn't really half as much the playboy he people think he is. He lets the rumors circulate because they fluff his ego, and who wouldn't want to be known as a good bed partner? Know what I'm sayin'?But the truth is that he strikes out a lot and he doesn't take half as many girls home as people he claims he does. And even when he does have a good time with someone, he's too hesitant to make an actual move. He's not a firm 'fall in love' kind of guy, because he's unnerved by the idea of loving someone and losing them. He knows nothing is guaranteed in his line of work. And thus wont bank on being able to keep anyone close for long.

This somewhat stems from his experiences with his brother and mother. In fact on occasion he has been told if he'd only been more powerful his mother need not have died. Though he knows there was nothing he could have done for Vergil, and even though he likes to keep a less than grim outlook. It does eat at him at times that he had to end Vergil, sure he saved lots of people, but Vergil was the last person he had left. They were the only thing they had, and his brother was too blinded by power and greed to even really recognize that fact. That bothers him too. His father not so much, he has no problem talking about the guy in a professional capacity, but emotion wise he's not exactly attached. He was still young when the Demon died, and really lost a lot of respect for the guy simply because it shattered his mother so much. No matter what Sparda did, closing the gate and all. Dante has trouble coming to grips with his respect for him. Thats the way it is.


The Lover
”You send my skin all aquiver my love...nope, yeah I take that feels too touchy feely, not that I don’t like touchy feely...just not in the verbal sense.”
{ Any member of the female species. Nero, Lady, Trish. }

”Aha...its funny, because you’re all dead...maybe you’re missing out on the joke.”
{ Vergil }
{ Sparda }
{ Eva }

The drinking buddy
”You me, pina coladas, I hear its raining later.”
{ Thats right, the, only one, aka best friend aka anyone }

“Hoes before bros...or, am I getting that mixed up? I feel like I might need to asses my priorities...”
{ CursedKnightNero }
Take care of yourself...
Its been a while, you look exactly the same kid, a year really hasn't done much to that baby face of yours. Well maybe you look a little older, grown an inch taller. How's your neck of the woods been? Fortuna has a pretty rockin' night life, but I wouldn't say its party central. Hows

{ Anybody else }

Smoking hot females
”Got a fire arm on you...? No..? In that case, you have a nice...face.”
{ . }

”Fee...fee...why don’t we figure that out AFTER I do the job~”
{ . }

”Well, I’m not going to lie, you are caught between a rock and a hard place my friend...or lack there of.”
{ . }

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{ Name }
Dante Sparda

{ Age }
Oh, like, ninety--29-ish

{ Race }

{ Family }
Eva /Mother; Deceased/
Sparda /Father; Deceased/
Vergil /Brother; Deceased/

{ Height }

{ Occupation }
Demon hunter/slayer
Romancer of women

First I whip it out, then I thrust it, with great force. Every angle, it penetrates. Until, with great strength, I ram it in. In the end, we're all satisfied. And you are set free!

Dante is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of demons, and he generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. He does mature as time goes by, but never really loses his attitude. Dante is sometimes presented as a show off as, on several occasions, he performs exaggerated and over-the-top moves. Dante is seemingly unflappable, not showing fear whether he's being attacked by the Seven Hells in his office or being swallowed by a giant serpentess demon.

Dante rarely shows any seriousness but knows when and when not to be, it just doesn't mean he'll stick to it. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but he still maintains a fairly laid-back demeanor during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Dante can seem at times to be uncaring or even callous, but actually has a very strong sense of justice and prefers to fight fairly. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes cynical quips about it the entire time. Unusually, while he has issues with his own demonic side, Dante has little qualms about accepting demons who choose the side of good, such as Trish and Bradley. Though Dante is quoted as believing that "Humans are often worse than demons" in the anime, he refuses to kill full-blooded humans for any reason. Dante values family and friends very highly. He cared deeply for his mother and, despite their differences, he also cared for Vergil. Even after all the fighting the two did, Dante still tries to save Vergil from falling into the Demon World, and goes so far as to cry over losing him.

Dante also enjoys fighting, shown when he sometimes doesn't fight at his full potential so he can toy with his opponent or make a fight last longer. In the anime, Dante gets bored with fighting weak opponents and finds entertainment in fighting strong opponents who will give him a challenge. Dante's enjoyment of fighting was reflected in his dialogue with Echidna during which he asked her if she agreed with him that a fight every now and then makes life more interesting.

Despite verbally complaining about being in debt, Dante seems quite willing to perform missions solely for the good of them, and rarely enforces payment from poor clients. In fact, Dante will typically refuse any job he dislikes, regardless of how much it pays, but will immediately take on any paranormal cases, especially those involving demon hunting, with or without pay. Many of his clients take advantage of this good nature of his, and leave bills for property damage caused during the mission instead of paying for his services. He often borrows from Lady or gambles to repay these debts. However, he has extremely bad luck with all forms of gambling (Dante even has bad luck with a simple coin toss), and loses any game not involved with demon hunting. As a result he is horribly in debt to Lady, and is often left with no money at all after she takes her cut. However, eventually Lady actually pays him a small amount for his "assistance", implying that he no longer owes her money.

Dante has a fondness for pizza, and while he complains about olives, he always ends up with them on his pizza. His liking for pizza was added because the director believes that pizza is the "best food ever". In the animated series, he is also shown to favor strawberry sundaes as well as pizza with it being pointed out on several occasions that those two foods are all he eats. He has a habit of getting roaring drunk; he mentions getting so drunk that he proposed to a mop.

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